Fabio Biscarini is Full Professor of General Chemistry and Nanobiotechnology in the Life Sciences Department of the Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia since February 2013. He is currently serving as elected representative in the Academic Senate of UNIMORE.
He received a Laurea in Industrial Chemistry at Alma Mater-Università di Bologna (1986) with Prof. Claudio Zannoni. Afterwards, he entered the Graduate School at the University of New Mexico, USA (1989-1990) to study with Prof. Carlos Bustamante and Prof. V. M. Kenkre, then moved to the University of Oregon (1991-1993) where he received the PhD in Chemistry (1993). After a postdoc appointment at CNR-LAMEL and CNR-ISM Bologna (1994-1995) with Prof. Piergiorgio Merli and Prof. Carlo Taliani, he became Research Scientist (1994-2000), Senior Scientist (2001-2010), and Research Director (2010-2013) at CNR-ISM (then ISMN) where he headed the “Nanotechnology of Multifunctional Materials” group.
His research interests spanned advanced topics of physics, chemistry and materials science research: statistical mechanics of liquid crystals, theory of scanning tunnelling microscopy, scanning probe microscopies, growth phenomena in organic thin films, multifunctional materials, self-organisation and self assembly, unconventional patterning of organic materials and soft matter, charge transport in organic field effect transistors. Currently, his interests have moved to organic electronics for sensing biomarkers in human fluids, implantable organic devices for neuropathologies and functional regeneration, and hybrid bio-materials interfaces for controlling cell adhesion and proliferation.
Prof. Biscarini is author of 230+ papers, inventor in 18 patents, and founder of two spin off companies Scriba Nanotecnologie Srl (2005-) and Nano4Bio Srl (2010-2015). He has been coordinator or principal investigator in 30+ European, National and industrial collaborative projects. He is Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (2004-), Socio dell’Accademia delle Scienze, Lettere e Arti di Modena (2017-), and member of international scientific societies. He received the EU-Descartes Prize (2007) and Premio Sapio Industria (2012).