Research Subjects

  • Implantable organic electronic devices for pathologies of the central nervous system;
  • Implantable organic electronic devices for restoring erectile functionality upon radical prostatectomy;
  • Label-free biosensors based on organic field effect transistors for biomarkers of human pathologies;
  • Electrolyte-gated organic field effect transistors (EGOFET) as new tools for investigating biorecognition at surfaces;
  • Mechanism of coupling between aqueous environment and organic electronics devices;
  • Interfacial engineering and patterning technology for whole-organic biodegradable devices;
  • Industrial collaborations.

Techniques & Expertise

1. Fabrication & Prototyping
Surface Chemistry Spin Coating Ultra-high vacuum deposition Laser Patterning Photolithography
2. Characterization
Devices Surfaces
Electrochemistry Microfluidic-integrated ultra-low noise DUT characterization Environmental AFM AFM in liquid Optical microscopy Contact angle measurements
3. Biological techniques
Cell-culture Fluorescence microscopy Microbiology Immunology Animal models



  • SPM 2.0 – Scanning probe microscopies for nanoscale fast, tomographic and composition imaging
  • PRODE – Post Radical prostatectomy Organic Device for restoring Erectile functionality
  • Poincarè – Disposable point-of-care device for monitoring inflammatory biomarkers
  • Fondazione di Vignola – Dimostrazione di una piattaforma sensoristica bioelettronica per la rilevazione di anticorpi anti-farmaco in patologie infiammatorie