Two manuscripts from LEO group have been recently accepted: a review on Advanced Healthcare Materials and a paper in Journal of Material’s Chemistry C.

In the review (DOI: 10.1002/adhm.202100955), result of the collaboration between UNIMORE and LIU in the framework of project BORGES, Bernhard Burtscher, Pamela Allison Manco Urbina (LEO) and Chiara Diacci (LEO) describe the last advances in Inflammation Biomarkers detection by electrolyte-gated organic electronic transistors. The great performances in terms of sensitivity, ease of manufacture and limit of detection of EGOFET and OECTs are highlighted, but also the necessary steps forward that are needed to implement this technology at the point of care.

We also published the paper “Physical insights from the Frumkin isotherm applied to electrolyte gated organic transistors as protein biosensors”(DOI: 10.1039/D1TC02546E) in the themed collection Materials for molecular electronics and magnetism, in honor of Professor Jaume Veciana and Professor Concepci√≥ Rovira. In the manuscript we propose the use of the Frumkin isotherm for the analysis of biosensing data obtained from EGOTs, instead of the widely adopted Hill and Langmuir isotherms. As a case study, we compare the results obtained by EGOFET and OECT for the detection of Interleukin-6, obtaining comparable association constants. Our study shows that the device response is due to the specific binding at the gate/electrolyte interface and that is possible to use EGOTs to investigate the thermodynamics of biorecognition.

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